Garden Inspired Poems by Homeschoolers

These poems were written by some of our homeschool garden volunteers. Every Wednesday, our group meets at a community garden in to help out with all of our plants and caterpillars. These poems will hopefully inspire others to start gardens of their own and help make the world a little prettier.

My Garden

Thousands of plants
Each one unique
Every flower, leaf or stem you seek
Always will and has shown
How much or how long that it has grown
But I love them all
They’re like little friends
So let’s keep them safe
So the cycle never ends




Everything starts with a plant, then their pollen goes to a bee or a bat.
Trees grow leaves, so does that plant, now finally starts the wonders of life.
We use plants and herbs to make salads to eat, ’cause animals, humans, bugs
and that bee, we all start off with the plants, you see, and now we know the
wonders of life.